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These days, meeting and exceeding your guests’ expectations is necessary to stay relevant in the hospitality industry. Hoteliers are constantly implementing innovative practices to improve their services, meet customer expectations with every new feature.

If you are in hotel management, it’s high time for you to learn and upgrade new ways of operating the business, ensuring you won’t be left behind in the industry.

But despite all the common beliefs and misconceptions, providing a delightful customer experience doesn’t have to be timely or costly.

Here are some excellent tips from the experts of Incode Business Services — a top hotel management company in India, outlining ways to significantly improve your customer experience.

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Easy Ways to Enhance Your Guest Experience:

Create a Great First Impression To WOW Your Hotel Guests

First impressions are one of the most important in the hospitality business. A genuine and welcoming smile with a polite greeting instantly makes the guests feel appreciated and sets a positive tone for the rest of their stay.

More often, the guests reach your hotel following a long, tiring journey, and it’s natural for them to be groggy and irritated. As a hotelier, you can take it one step further and add a welcome refreshment and some snacks to let them cool down and show that you care for them.

These minor gestures will make your guests feel great, and it will be easier for you to make a positive impression on them.

Embrace Technology To Impress Your Hospitality Customers

The fast innovation in technology is redefining every industry. So why not use it to your advantage to enhance your customer experience?

With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, you can provide a lot of exciting things and features to your guests. Chatbots, smart rooms, smart parking spots, mobile room keys, and smart room service can help in reducing the friction points in the hospitality services and can also help in reducing labor costs.

Thanks to consistent innovation, these tech products aren’t that expensive. With proper training, your team can get acquainted with using them, and your hotel guest services will become more smooth.

An experienced hotel management company can help you choose the best and most affordable tech options that can take your customer experience to the next level without hurting the hotel budget.

Build Partnerships with Local Vendors and Attractions

Most of your guests will know nothing about the city. Hence, building partnerships with local attractions and vendors will help you make their stay more enjoyable and comfortable. And this partnership will be a win-win for both. If you can help them by sending many guests to their restaurants and attractions, they might also provide special discounts to your customers. The guests will have a great time, and all three of you will be benefited immensely.

Celebrate Special Occasions

Are your guests here to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or anything else? Why not add into their celebrations. You can simply ask them if there is an occasion and add on by providing them with freebies and complimentary services.

Personalizing their room with a small token of celebration is a great way to go. Depending on the ceremony — such as birthday, anniversary, engagement, honeymoon, or christening- you can provide complimentary gifts including a bottle of wine, balloons, petals on the bed, chocolates, fruit basket, or vouchers for an in-house spa or a nearby restaurant. Etc.

A handwritten card from the front desk giving your best wishes should also accompany the gifts.

Know Your Guest’s Preferences

Do your guests are intolerant to non-vegetarian foods or have a favorite room? Send an email or message prior to their arrival and ask if they have any allergies or special requests to ensure they get served the best items.

You can also add a notes section to your bookings sections to get a better idea of your guest’s likes.

Take Regular Feedback and Act on it to Build Relations

Taking feedback and acting on them is one of the most important things you can do to upgrade your service standards. When you get aware of the customers, feel about your services, and whether they liked something or didn’t like something, you can anticipate if they are coming back or not.

Thankfully, with the help of technology, you don’t have to ask the customers to fill out the same old feedback forms. They can connect comfortably and easily with the guests and take feedback at every possible touchpoint.


To stay at the top of the game, you should always be in the learning mode. Try new approaches and change them if they don’t work. Share the information you learn with your teams and make sure you take their feedback and complaints seriously.

Most employees won’t share what’s wrong unless they are asked to do so.

And if you feel you need any help, collaborate with a hotel management company and learn from their experts. Reputed as the top hotel management companies in India, adept hoteliers of Incode Business Services can help you with analyzing your business strategies and learning the art of hotel management.

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